Rules related to the photography and video categories

1. Those who will compete in the photography categories will use numbered negative film, which will be provided by the organization committee. The committee will check Digital Camera’s memory card and serial number before the competition.

2. Those who will compete in the photography categories can participate in the competition with maximum five photographs per category.

3. There is no technical limitation in video branch. Video cassettes shall be provided by the Organization Committee. The competitors should state the cassette type in the application form.

4. Those competing in video will transfer the uninterrupted section of three-five minutes selected among the images taken by them to the DVD in the mounting set to be prepared by the Organization Committee.

5. Copies requested by the competitors will be provided by the Organization Committee in DVD format.

6. The competitors in every category should avoid any action that can harm the sea ecology and ruin the natural archaeological environment of underwater. Such an action will result in disqualification of the competitor.

7. For description purposes model divers can be used in the competition.

8. All copyrights, all the photographs and videos taken during the competition belong of the festival with the condition that the name of the competitor and the IKUD and emblem be used.

Rules of diving

1. Each competitor has to participate in every competition with a diving partner. For those who participate in the competition from abroad, the diving partner will provided by the Organization Committee.

2. Each diver and diving partner shall apply to the safety counter at least one hour before and get their competition numbers after safety control.

3. Each diver and diving partner is required to have international diving equipment *. Air tanks and weight belt shall be provided by the Organization Committee for the competitors who participate from abroad.

4. I t is not possible to participate in the competition with close or semi-close circuit breathing devices (rebreather). Only air can be used for breathing.

5. For safety reasons;
5.1. The team which consists of a competitor and a diving partner are required to have a buoy with a color that can be seen easily and preferably with flag.
5.2. Each team, which consists of a diver and a diving partner, must carry at least one knife during the dive.

6. Divers must obey to the depth limits foreseen by their allowed diving license. But all dives shall be performed within the sportive diving limits (Max. 30 meters). Divers are required to prepare their equipment according to the depth they plan to descend and this is totally their responsibility.

7. All dives have to be planned and carried out in a way that a decompression stop will not be required. Making precautionary safety stop is advised.

8. Each competition session will be started by the Organization Committee. All competitors are required to complete their diving at the ending hour announced by the Organization Committee.

9. It is advised that by the time the air in the tank of one of the divers in the team drops to 50 bar pressure (including all pressure relieving processes) the team should have completed its diving or the team should end the dive. 30 bar is reason of disqualified.

10.Since there will be no compressors at the boats, the competitors are required to have their tanks according to the categories in which they participate. Two 200 Atm. tanks of 12 liters capacity will be provided every day of the competitors who will participate from abroad.

11. The coast area where the competition will be conducted will be announced in the morning of the competition.

12. Explanations related to the diving safety of the competitors are announced in the briefings before each competition.

13. Although the underwater safety and health services will be provided by the Supervision Committee, each competition team is primarily responsible for its safety.
Organization Committee is authorized to settle the uncertainness that may occur during the applications of the rules. The work of arts of those competitors that do not obey the rules will not be evaluated. All competitors are considered as accepting to obey with in the sportsmanship rules the general underwater safety rules, specifications of the competition, maritime and diving rules and ethics.

International diving equipment

Diving suit, mask, snorkel, weights and belt, fins, regulator, octopus, buoyancy controller device, underwater time watch, device for measuring depth, air pressure meter (manometer), decompression table/diving computer, air tank.