• The competitors are supposed to mark the categories in which they wish to participate on the participation’s form. An identity card and a number shall be given during registration to each competitor before competition. Applications, not received by the deadline will not be accepted.
  • The competitors will receive a card with their competition number from the Security Counter. They will obtain blank films/video cassettes at the Film/Cassette counter upon showing their competition card to the personnel. This card will be submitted to the Film/Cassette counter after the dive together with the film/cassette. Memory card of Digital cameras have to delete here.


  1. Each competitor has to have an internationally valid diver’s license and a logbook. The logbook must certify at least 50 dives.
  2. The competitors are required to have their health certificates with them (health report, blood group card obtained in the last year). The divers are responsible for their own safety and health in their dives.
  3. Competitors and the personnel are first to benefit from transportation vehicles and other facilities.
  4. Each competitor/team should send the 23rd I.K.U.D. (International Kemer Underwater Days) participation form by e-mail, web form or fax for application to the Organization Committee on May 16, 2024, 17:00. This is required to provide safe diving conditions for the divers. Accepted applications will be announced at IKUD web page and, and prospective competitors will be notified individually by mail.
  5. Participation in the competition means accepting all rules listed above.

Click here to access the application form.