Program of 20th International Kemer Underwater Days (20th IKUD)
16.05.2021 (SUNDAY)
19:00 Opening Speech by Sn. Yücel Gemici (District Governor of Kemer)
Live Concert (On-Line)– from The Pier of Ulusoy Holiday Village by
19.05 Demet Emen (Chief Violinist of Antalya State Opera and Ballet)
19.20 On-line messages for 20th IKUD
Live Concert (On-Line) by
19.25 Ezgi Özyörük – Dr. Engin Özyörük (Akdeniz University Faculty of Fine Arts)
19.40 On-line messages for 20th IKUD
19.45 Opening Speeches by Aydın Aytuğ, Volkan Yorulmaz, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Hakan Öniz
19.55 Special Video Screening: “20 Amazing Years”
17.05.2021 (MONDAY)
11.00 Pre-Jury Meeting
15:00 Workshop (TR-ENG) Underwater Archaeology Photography
16:00 Workshop (TR-ENG) Marine Biology Photography
17:00 Private Antalya Collage Konyaaltı- “My Underwater World” Children Drawing Exhibition Presentation
18.05.2021 (TUESDAY)
13:00 International Jury Meeting. Selection of the Winners.
19.05.2021 (WEDNESDAY)
19:00 Award Ceremony. Announcement of the winners in live broadcast.